Tuesday, January 7, 2014

speculative scenarios [Baltan Labs publication]

Annet Dekker invited me to contribute a chapter to her publication "speculative scenarios".
The book investigates into alternative models and concepts of archiving digital art and includes contributions by Annet Dekker, Jussi Parikka, Sarah Cook, Olga Goriunova, Edward A. Shanken, Layna White, Jill Sterrett, Sandra Fauconnier, Richard Rinehart, Christiane Paul, and Christiane Berndes.

Dekker, Annet (Ed.). Speculative Scenarios, or what will happen to digital art in the (near) future. Eindhoven/Rotterdam: Baltan Laboratories/The New Institute, 2013.

An online version of the complete publication can be accessed here: 


With the permission of Baltan Labs, the article was re-published in ArtNodes. E-Journal on Art, Science and Technology. No. 13 (2013) University of Catalonia. 120-125. (ISSN 1695-5951)
http://journals.uoc.edu/ojs/index.php/artnodes/article/viewFile/n13-wenhart/n13-wenhart-en  (english)
http://journals.uoc.edu/ojs/index.php/artnodes/article/viewFile/n13-wenhart/n13-wenhart-es (spanish)

I presented this paper at the re:new media art histories festival in Riga, October 2013.
panel chair: Frieder Nake. panelists: Morten Sondergaard, Francesca Franco, Tjarda de Haan and Christina Vatsella.
Archiving, panel A (paper session) http://renew.rixc.lv/days/october10.php

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