Saturday, November 10, 2012

#101112 at spacebar galleries

Alma Alloro
Img.: Alma Alloro, "Center Finder"

#101112 is the opening show of spacebar, a new/old/imaginative technology & media art gallery with a monthly changing program of exhibitions, lectures, concerts, workshops and screenings.
the title of this first show, #101112, is the date of the opening magically turned into the hex color value (that is also set as the blog’s background)

we’re very proud to present you glitch art && animated gifs of these great artists:
Alma Alloro
Sophia Brueckner
Emilio Gomariz
Jeff Knowlton
m.a.u.s.e.r. (Asli Serbest & Mona Mahall)
Lorna Mills
Jon Satrom
Station Rose
Daniel Temkin

Jeff Knowlton
Img.: Jeff Knowlton, "Glitch Images"

The link to #101112's tumblr with more detailed insights into the individual projects:

Thursday, September 20, 2012


BLOCK is an info game i created in september 2012 for the exhibition "hitlerbauten in linz" at NORDICO museum (Linz).

the floor plan is an exact reproduction of the Harbachsiedlung, a neighbourhood built during the nazi-regime in linz, which represents the typical characteristics of this type of architecture: the rectangular shape of the building complex and the park that is situated in its middle.
for the game, the rectangular arrangement of building is used as the game-board. visitors walk from one field (=house) to the next, following the thematical paths laid out in the books that are related to each field. thereby they collect piece of a puzzle. all pieces put together will result in a QR-code that leads to the game's blog.

link to the blog

i created a predecessor to this game in june 2012, which is more directly inspired by the game monopoly and which can be played in situ at Spallerhof, another neighbourhood of linz.

link to the spallerhof-monopoly

both blogs are in German only, sry.