Saturday, November 10, 2012

#101112 at spacebar galleries

Alma Alloro
Img.: Alma Alloro, "Center Finder"

#101112 is the opening show of spacebar, a new/old/imaginative technology & media art gallery with a monthly changing program of exhibitions, lectures, concerts, workshops and screenings.
the title of this first show, #101112, is the date of the opening magically turned into the hex color value (that is also set as the blog’s background)

we’re very proud to present you glitch art && animated gifs of these great artists:
Alma Alloro
Sophia Brueckner
Emilio Gomariz
Jeff Knowlton
m.a.u.s.e.r. (Asli Serbest & Mona Mahall)
Lorna Mills
Jon Satrom
Station Rose
Daniel Temkin

Jeff Knowlton
Img.: Jeff Knowlton, "Glitch Images"

The link to #101112's tumblr with more detailed insights into the individual projects:

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