Wednesday, January 5, 2011


<1ru5 is an exhibition/workshop/adventure/game on [hystorical] artistic computer viruses, their dissemination&& spreading, their various deaths, forms of survival&& states of hibernation. The project researches into virus as artistic practice/expression of appropriating&& breaking the art system as a whole, reflects on hosts&& parasites. virus as a format of tourette is a chinese ghostscript story of self/de/con/struction as playfulness as the ultimate state of f*ck u.

On location, <1ru5 will playfully explore its host bodies, create entropic states, frown and sing its deathly 1<3u lullabies and only follow its own irrational magix.

currently in process (2011). The paper will be presented at FILE Symposium in São Paulo, Brazil, in July 2011.

a small collection of resources can be found here.

Jeff Donaldson (US,
Rolf Van Gelder (NL,
Carmin Karasic (NL,
Nina Wenhart (AT,

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