Sunday, April 4, 2004


For Ars Electronica's 25th anniversary we wanted to make its history accessible in a physical way. Jugendzimmer (the room you live in from your childhood to when you leave home) is one of the proposed concepts (up to now it hasn't been realised).
After 25 years it is time to leave „hotel mum“. Your room remains and is full of memories of your childhood, your teenage years. It's a manifesto composed of posters, matchbox cars, teddy bears and so on. Ars Electronica has objects just like that. Objects, that stand for a certain installation, an animation or performace. And each of those can tell a bit of the long history of the festival, for example Jeffry Shaws bycicle of „The Legible City“, the bed of Paul Sermon's „Telematic Dreaming“, or a cockroach of the Stadtwerkstatt project „Bugrace“. In Jugendzimmer it is up to the visitors to set those memories free. 

concept: 2004

my contribution
: idea and concept

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