Sunday, June 17, 2007


IX is a vicious and powerful magical device for bewitching computers. It contains nine randomly executed spells that are set free by shaking an enchanted cube.
But like in the Magician's Apprentice, once the user executes control, the device goes out of control and does whatever magic it wants.

To hack and hex the operating systems, IX combines traditional stage magic and irony (as an element of hacking culture) in the magic spells, the h.exe files.
IX plays with the user's expectations by constantly shifting the position of power and questions who is in control.

For the detailed documentation:

produced in 2007 (version 1, Madrid), 2008 (version 2, Chicago), 2009 (version 03, Paris; version 04, Montreal)

my contribution: idea, concept development, design

collaborators from h3x3n:
Mark Beasley, Jon Cates, Nina Wenhart, Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy, Alex Inglizian, Fernando Lbarrajon (version 1), Abraham Andrade (version 1), Sandra Rosas Ridolfi (version 2), Raimund Schumacher (version 1)

others about IX:
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