a small selection of advertising + marketing projects

Die Jungen Wilden

concept for agency representation (website, direct mailings, etc)

Fabasoft Folio Cloud

blog, website, newsletter, technical writing, press articles, etc


below: international poster campaign 

Stempel Klug

website, direct mailing, ideas for new products (such as, etc

Silver #25

article about Cloud Computing and cars that I wrote for the Silver Server magazine.

Wacker Neuson 

product folders

this is how a product flyer looks as work-in-progress, when the pdf file goes back and forth between text, graphic, account and clients.

PEZ pets 

concept for a new candy product

the client asked us to develop an new idea for a product specifically aimed at kids. 
the result: PEZ pets that would make you smart like a fox, strong like a bear, brave like a lion, fast like a weasel.

Wiesmayr Klimatechnik

below: a pocket-sized product folder about an air condition system that would be able to both cool and heat.

Spitz Hotel

everything from door hanger to soap packaging information

Pichler Ziegel 

product folders

LIVIT bio supermarket

flyers, ads

note: over the years, many websites, blogs and profiles on social media disappeared or were discontinued. the above examples thus can only provide a glimpse of the past years' commercial work.

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